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Get this FREE programmable thermostat with peaksaverPLUS®.
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This professionally-installed Honeywell thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save energy in your home.
FREE Programmable Thermostat
  • Reduce energy use by up to 10%;
  • Easy touch screen control;
  • Online control of your thermostat.
       FREE In-Home Energy Display PLUS you'll receive this
FREE In-Home Energy Display
The In-Home Energy Display is an easy-to-use, hand-held that instantly shows you how much electricity your home is using. You can also use it to see how much electricity specific appliances consume. It's simple to use, portable and wireless.  
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How does the peaksaverPLUS program work?

The peaksaver PLUS program offers free programmable thermostats and In-Home Energy Displays to Collus PowerStream customers who have central air. On very hot summer days, when many air conditioners are running, your central air may be cycled off and on, never for more than 4 hours, and never on weekends or holidays. You probably won’t even notice. Last year, air conditioners were only cycled twice. This helps reduce stress on our electricity grid. And you can always opt out in advance if you need to. Check out this video for more information on how it works.

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