Collus PowerStream


Tender - Riverside Cres Thornbury 8kV Underground Rebuild

  • Closing Date: May 18, 03:00 pm
    Collus PowerStream would like to invite proponents to bid on our Riverside Crescent – 8kV Underground Rebuild Project.  To supply Labour, Equipment, and Materials to complete the electrical distribution system as per Runge & Associates Riverside Crescent Project No. 17037C drawings E3.1 - E3.2 dated 03/05/17.   The general scope of the work for this project is listed on drawing...

Tender H17-05 - Utility Pole Trailer

  • Closing Date: Mar 9, 03:00 pm
    Collus PowerStream is requesting quotations on:Utility Pole TrailerCapable to Haul Typical 65’ Wood PoleCOLLUS Project No. H17-05Please see the full tender document for specific details.

Tender H17-04 - 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck

  • Closing Date: Mar 2, 03:00 pm
    Collus PowerStream is requesting pricing on the following:4-Wheel Drive ¾ Ton Pickup Truck(Full Size – Crew Cab with Standard Size Box)Full Tender document below 

Tender H17-03 - Tree Trimming

  • Closing Date: Feb 23, 03:00 pm
    This project covers the requirements for the supply of all labour and equipment, to safely perform live line tree trimming and removal of trees adjacent to Collus PowerStream Corp. overhead powerlines in the Municipalities of Stayner & Creemore only.In 2008 Collus PowerStream Corp. created a “Tree Assessment” listing (Appendix “A”) This list divides Collus PowerStream Corp. distribution...

Tender H17-02 - Substation Maintenance

  • Closing Date: Feb 23, 03:00 pm
    This Contract is for installation with all Labour and Equipment required for the following work: 5 substation locations as follows: a) MS#1 Collingwood (Circuit Breakers)b) MS#4 Collingwood (Circuit Breakers)c) MS#5 Collingwood (Circuit Breakers)d) MS#9 Collingwood (Circuit Breakers)e) MS#10 Collingwood (Circuit Breakers) Collus PowerStream would like to invite proponents to bid on...