ESA Phone Survey - January to March 2018

The Ontario Energy Board has required all of Ontario’s local distribution companies (LDCs) to perform a bi-annual public awareness of electrical safety survey of their customers, with the assistance of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). To meet our requirements, we have contracted a third-party company, Advanis, who may call you on our behalf to complete the survey over the phone. Please be aware this is not a scam. The purpose of this survey is to gauge our customers’ level of electrical safety awareness. Your responses will help us better target our public safety communications to help prevent electrical injuries or fatalities in our region.
If you are contacted to complete this survey, they will ask you a set of standard questions set by the ESA and the OEB. They will ask some personal questions such as age, gender, and postal code. This is necessary to ensure an appropriate sample of our customers is represented. They will not ask for your account number, home address, or your credit card and/or banking information.